Saving money is always a great thing, especially when the cost of food continues to rise. Last year, ALDI announced price drops to help customers save money as summer approached and they've done it again this year while upping the ante.

ALDI has a goal to pass along $100 million in savings to its customers through Labor Day, so this year they are further dropping its prices on more than 250 items. They add that the price drops will nearly double the savings from last year.

“ALDI is always looking for ways to help customers save money, but with more experts warning of persistent inflation, the time was right to deliver even greater discounts on our already low prices for the second year in a row,” said Dave Rinaldo, President at ALDI U.S.

Minnesota currently has 77 ALDI stores and Wisconsin has 83, so this will certainly come as good news to a lot of people in both states.

On Which Items Have The Prices Been Reduced?

With over 250 items enjoying price reductions, it should be easy to find price drops inside an ALDI store. However, they did provide a sample of the items included, separating them into 4 categories.

Better-For-You Foods

  • Simply Nature: Chia Seeds. A protein-packed, plant-based addition to smoothies, salads, and more. NOW: $4.89 Was: $5.45
  • Simply Nature: Organic Avocado Oil, A 2023 ALDI Fan Favorite Winner. NOW: $5.49 Was: $5.65
  • Season’s Choice: Frozen, Unsweetened Blueberries 24oz. NOW: $3.59 Was: $3.99
  • Simply Nature: Organic Pinto/Kidney Beans. Non-GMO and USDA-certified organic. NOW: $0.99 Was: $1.16

Picnic Necessities Specially Selected

  • French Baguette. NOW: $1.49 Was: $1.59
  • Specially Selected: Macarons With various fruit-inspired flavors, this selection of French cookies is a sweet addition to a picnic. NOW: $4.19 Was: $4.59
  • Vitalife: Assorted Kombucha in refreshing flavor varieties. NOW: $2.29 Was: $2.39
  • Simms: Summer Sausage High-quality snackable meat. NOW: $4.19 Was: $4.49
  • Emporium Selection: Cracker Cuts. These are a great addition to any charcuterie plate. NOW: $2.69 Was: $2.89
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Travel Ready Snacks

  • Simply Nature: Organic Granola Bars, without hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or preservatives. NOW: $3.49 Was: $3.99
  • Benton’s: Cookie Thins. A light, crispy sweet treat for kids of all ages. NOW: $2.69 Was: $2.99
  • Southern Grove: Dried Cranberries 6oz. NOW: $1.75 Was: $1.95
  • Southern Grove: Sunflower Kernels 16oz. NOW: $2.79 Was: $3.39
  • Southern Grove: Dried Mediterranean Apricots. NOW: $2.99 Was: $3.39

BBQ Essentials

  • USDA Choice Black Angus Sirloin Steak. NOW: $6.99 Was: $8.49 (Reduced through 7/10/24)
  • Family Pack Chicken Breast* NOW: $2.19 Was: $2.49 (Reduced through 7/10/24)
  • Burman’s: Steak Sauce. NOW: $1.89 Was: $1.99
  • Season’s Choice: Frozen French Fries 32oz. NOW: $2.49 Was: $2.79
  • Park Street Deli: Pulled Pork/Pulled Chicken. NOW: $6.99 Was: $7.49

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