It's been abnormally dry this spring. Fortunately, we had a lot of snow this winter, otherwise, we would be in horrible shape in the region. The main concern with a drought is wildfire danger, along with agriculture being affected. But, even at your home, you may have some issues caused by a drought.

I experienced this firsthand back in 2012. It was the year we had the flood in Duluth and Superior. We had a ton of rain causing basement flooding, washed-out roads, and colossal damage to the region. But, what people don't necessarily remember is the dry spell we had following the flood. In the next few weeks, after a long stretch of it being dry, the foundation on my porch sank and settled.

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That's because soil quality and moisture is the biggest factor of foundation failure is the soil. According to DBS, below-normal rainfall causes dry soil. In the upper midwest, most of the soil is actually clay. Clay does not conduct water well, so it takes longer for it to rehydrate, so it can compact and create gaps and spaces in the soil around your foundations. That can cause major foundation settlement.

Is there anything you can do to prevent it?

North Dakota University suggests that you water the soil around your foundation. If you are seeing bulging walls or excessive cracks, you likely will need to hire a professional. Sticky windows, doors, or cracks in walls and ceilings can also be an indicator of foundation issues.

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