Have you noticed fewer Holiday convenience stores? They were sold nearly 7 years ago, but in just the last couple of years, they have been disappearing across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Holiday Station Stores Acquired By Quebec-based Alimentation Couche-Tard

Back in 2107, the Holiday brand was acquired by a Canadian company that also owns the Circle K Brand. Circle K has thousands of locations across the world.

According to MPR, more than 500 Holiday stores were acquired, and they planned to keep the name for the locations.

Holiday stores rebranded in some markets as Circle K.

I've noticed around the area that Holiday stores have been carrying the Circle K brand items. I have even noticed the signage fully switched over to Circle K.

It's been happening in markets across Minnesota and Wisconsin. It's unclear if they will continue the rebranding for all stores across Minnesota, but it does appear that way.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The brand name change began in 2022.

The switchover for select markets began in 2022, starting in Sioux Falls, SD when Holiday Stores became Circle K's.

MPR says the Ashland Wisconsin, Washburn, and Marquette Michigan stores all switched from Holiday to Circle K last November.

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Work Is Underway Now In Rochester For Circle K Conversion

Rochester's Post Bulletin [Paywall] has reported that the 8 gas stations in that market will be fully re-branded to Circle K, and work is already underway.

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Circle K Truck Stops In Duluth + Superior

So far in the Twin Ports, there are still Holiday stores, but if you google Circle K, it shows them as diesel locations in conjunction with the Holiday stores.

google maps
google maps

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