Not all guys are perverts, but man there are enough of them to give us a bad name. We had a slow round of golf going on in a Duluth area league, and we were chatting with a younger female beverage cart employee. We were laughing and having a nice chat and she mentioned how we were a fun group and nice guys. I asked her, "Well most golfers are nice guys, aren't they?"

She hesitated for a moment and then shook her head and said, "You would be surprised."

"Oh, do you get some creeps out here?" I asked.

She was hesitant to make any complaints about her job, but she did say that there were three instances already that day of a customer talking about their own private parts to her. Yes, golfers talking about their, ahem, putter in their pants.

Seriously? Three different creeps found it socially acceptable to talk about their manhood with a young girl. (She had just recently turned 21.) This was on a Monday afternoon at about 4:30. How disgusting is that?

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I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I've worked closely with female co-hosts for years and I've been shocked to see some of the gross advances that they've had to deal with.

I've actually seen notices up at golf courses that warn golfers that any disrespectful behavior towards our employees will result in immediate removal from the golf course.

Golf Digest did an article years ago where they sent a journalist undercover as a "cart girl" to see what they go through. In that story, most of the girls were ok with playful flirting. In most cases, they could shut it down pretty quickly if they wanted to. But there were some guys who would start off with disgusting behavior, like show me your chest and hold out a $50.

Another thing to consider is that these women are out alone on the course and that sometimes can bring out the worst behavior, as there is nobody around to overhear these lewd comments.

Some of the employees are okay with some flirting, and some may even engage in it to get better tips.  But wouldn't it be nice if they weren't put into uncomfortable situations? I think we could all draw the line at talking about what's in your pants to these women.

One of the cart girls in the Golf Digest story said "Every single day golfers were saying things to me that would get them fired in a professional setting."

So be nice to the employees and don't be a perv.

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