I am very far removed from high school at this point but I still remember some fun things about mine, like how our football team was amazing and the big foyer on the inside. I also remember our 'enemies' in sports but I won't call them out here.

Which School District Is The Best In Minnesota?

Niche released its annual list of the best school districts in the country, breaking things down by state. The popular website just released the list for the best school districts in Minnesota in 2024.

The list is very long but at first glance, I definitely recognize those atop the list. That is probably why they were named some of the best in the state!

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What Makes A School District The Best?

Niche looked at things like academics, teachers, clubs and activities and the like. The website also took other things into consideration, like the quality of resources and facilities, diversity and the administration.

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So which school districts are thriving in 2024? We are going to count down from eleven for selfish reasons: my high school came in just after the top ten. Ha!


The Top Eleven School Districts In Minnesota

11. Mounds View Public School District in Shoreview (Go Mustangs!)

10. Eagle Ridge Academy Charter School in Minnetonka

9. Lakeville Area Schools in Lakeville

8. Hopkins Public Schools in Hopkins

7. St. Croix Preparatory Academy in Stillwater

6. Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul

5. Orono Public School District in Long Lake

4. Edina Public School District in Edina

3. Eden Prairie Schools in Eden Prairie

2. Minnetonka Public School District in Minnetonka

The Best School District In Minnesota Is...

Wayzata Public Schools is officially the best school district in Minnesota for 2024! There are 20 schools in the district, which got an A+ score. The school district is located a few hours away in Plymouth, Minnesota.

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The school district is killing it in other areas as well, coming in at number three on the list of best places to teach in Minnesota. It also got the title of having some of the best teachers in the state as well.

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