The Minnesota Department of Transportation is encouraging students throughout the state to participate in the Bike to School DayBike to School Day is a healthy way to promote safe biking and walking activities in an academic setting

According to MnDOT, thousands of students have already committed, with more than 150 Minnesota schools having already signed up to participate.

This event is sponsored by MnDOT and Minnesota Safe Routes to School each year.

The Next Bike To School Day Is Coming Soon

The next Bike To School Day is set for Wednesday, May 8 and MnDOT notes that there are a variety of ways that students and families can join in the fun.

These included biking or walking to school directly from home, joining a “walking school bus” a few blocks from school, or having their parents drop them off a few blocks away so they can get the experience of pedaling to school with their friends.

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Whichever way you want to participate, it all counts and it's all beneficial. Studies have shown that physical activity can lead to improved physical health, mental health, and academic performance in children.

“We know students do better in school when they add physical activities to their day," said Kelly Corbin, MnDOT Safe Routes to School coordinator. "This event promotes safety skills that students can use throughout their lives."

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Schools Can Register For The Event

It's not too late for schools to register for the event. Schools can do that now through the button below.

If you'd like additional information and materials to support year-round walking and biking activities in your area, they are available online at

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