It's nice to be atop a list like this once in awhile! A new study has named Minnesota one of the most educated states in the country. Minnesota cracked the top ten, which is pretty impressive.

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The study was conducted and released by WalletHub on Monday (February 12th), ranking the states from most to least educated. Wisconsinites can breathe a sigh of relief as well, as they were also included in the top half of the country.

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So How Was This Study Done?

WalletHub looked at a bunch of different factors, including the following:

  • Percentage of high school diploma holders
  • Percentage of Associate's Degree holders or college-experienced adults
  • Percentage of Bachelor's Degree holders
  • Percentage of Graduate or Professional Degree holders
  • Average university quality

Where Did Minnesota Rank On The List?

Minnesota is a shining star here, coming in at number nine, meaning we are the ninth most educated state in the country. Minnesota did well in terms of percentage of Associate's Degree holders or college-experienced adults.

We also placed high in the 'educational attainment' rank, meaning we are just a bunch of overachievers! There are worse things to be, that's for sure.

What About Wisconsin?

Wisconsin came in at number twenty, closer to the middle of the list. While this does put Wisconsin closer to the 'most educated' ranking, they are straddling that line pretty close right in the middle.

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Wisconsin did shine in the 'quality of education' rank, meaning when you get an education in Wisconsin, you can rest assured it is a good one. West Virginia was named the least educated state, by the way, while Massachusetts came in at number one!

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