I started writing about the Minnesota Timberwolves being the happiest fan base in the NBA. I was looking through photos in Getty Images, and I found the picture of the perfect courtside fans cheering. Then I noticed Glen Taylor. The majority owner of The Timberwolves and I had to chuckle. He doesn't seem to be very invested in the game.

Maybe it's the ongoing feud with Alex Rodriguez, who has been trying to buy the team and become majority owner along with Marc Lore. That's a complicated story.

Anyway, back to the real story. The Timberwolves have actually been named the happiest fan base in the NBA.

The Minnesota Timberwolves made history with a record come-from-behind win in Game 7 to punch their ticket to the Western Conference Finals. That generated a lot of tweets.

Game 1 was last night when the Wolves played the Dallas Mavericks at home. They started out with some momentum, but in the 4th, they just couldn't hit the shots. An offensive goal-tending call really hurt the Wolves' chances. In the end, the Mavericks beat the Timberwolves 108-105. It's only game 1, but there were some unhappy Wolves fans on the internet last night.

The Sports Geek analyzes fan reactions throughout the playoffs. Since the playoffs began, the Minnesota Timberwolves have actually had the highest amount of positive tweets in the NBA. The Timberwolves had 16,518 positive tweets on X.

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Who's second? The Dallas Mavericks! They had 14,995 positive tweets.

The Sports Geek
The Sports Geek

The Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, and New York Knicks round out the top 5.

The Timberwolves also had the 3rd most tweets of any team in the playoffs for any reason at over 119,000.

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It's been an emotional ride for Timberwolves fans. There's no doubt that Anthony Edwards Bring Ya Ass comment generated a lot of tweets for Minnesota. It was so big that it temporarily became Explore Minnesota's State Tourism Slogan.

The Dallas Mavericks lead the Western Conference Finals 1-0. The next game is tomorrow night in Minneapolis.

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