Well, this is awesome! Top Chef is headed to Wisconsin. The series is in its twenty-first season and is headed to the Cheesehead State. The season will be hosted by season ten Top Chef champion Kristin Kish, replacing longtime host Padma Lakshmi after nineteen seasons on the show.

The show follows a bunch of incredible chefs from all over the country. They are tasked with creating delicious dishes and beating out their fellow chefs for the title of 'Top Chef America' with a new winner being crowned each season.

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Where in Wisconsin is Top Chef being filmed?

A press release from Bravo says it will mainly be set in Milwaukee and Madison, thanks to their "energetic and unique" culinary scenes. I am still holding out that they make a pit stop in Superior because, why not?

Why was Wisconsin chosen for the new season of Top Chef?

If you're curious what possessed the producers of Top Chef to cross into Packers territory, wonder no more. Bravo says Wisconsin was an easy choice, writing:

With a backdrop of picturesque landscapes, acres of farmland, miles of shoreline and vibrant urban communities, the cheftestants will explore the fresh flavors and local bounty of this rising culinary destination.

We can't really argue with that. Let's just hope that they bring some Wisconsin foods into the mix like cheese curds, perhaps?

When does the new season air?

If you're curious when we can see Wisconsin on the silver screen, you're going to be waiting for awhile. A news outlet out of Milwaukee says the show is set to start filming later this year and will officially air on television in spring of 2024.

What do Wisconsinites think about this exciting news?

While we can't speak for every single Wisconsin resident as a whole, it looks like Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is excited. Why wouldn't you be? Here is the statement he gave to Bravo regarding the show filming in Wisconsin:

We are honored to be able to welcome ‘Top Chef’ to Wisconsin for its upcoming season. We’re proud to be known here for our rich food culture, talented chefs and exceptional local ingredients. I know our diverse culinary traditions will help inspire the participants, captivate viewers and showcase all of the great things Wisconsin has to offer

There you have it, folks. I know I will be watching this cheesy season!

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