How's this for a plot twist? The drunkest city in the entire country is in Minnesota. Yup, out of all of the cities in all of the states, it was a tiny Minnesota city that was just named the drunkest in America.


24/7 Tempo did a study, ranking the top fifty drunkest states in the country. In case you're curious, Duluth made it into the top twenty.

The good news is we are not the town that was ranked number one. The Minnesota spot that did may or may not surprise you. I don't think I was surprised!

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Aerial View of Downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota during Summer
Jacob Boomsma

Recognize This?

The drunkest city in America? That would be St. Cloud. For some background, what went into naming these cities the 'drunkest' includes how many adults drink excessively and how many fatal car accidents involve alcohol.

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They also took population and median household income into consideration. When all is said and done, St. Cloud came out on top, with a higher-than-average number of adults who drink excessively and a lower median income than the rest of the country.

Young woman with a hangover holding her almost empty cocktail glass

How sad! Don't feel too bad, though. If you live in St. Cloud, you can rest assured there are several other Minnesota cities that made the cut so you aren't alone! Wisconsin also pretty much dominated the list.

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Here are the rest of the Minnesota and Wisconsin cities that made the top fifty. Ope!

  • #3: Eau Claire
  • #5: La Crosse-Onalaska
  • #6: Appleton
  • #8: Green Bay
  • #9: Fon du Lac
  • #12: Racine
  • #15: Oshkosh-Neenah
  • #16: Wassau-Weston
  • #17: Milwaukee-Waukesha
  • #18: Mankato
  • #19: Janesville-Beloit
  • #22: Sheboygan
  • #20: Duluth
  • #32: Madison
  • #42: Minneapolis-St. Paul

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