Here's something we can all be excited about in Minnesota! Apparently, we are some of the most efficient packers in the entire country when it comes to filling our suitcase and heading out of state.

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This may seem a bit random but many people are traveling to see their loved ones this holiday season! USA Today put together this list recently, looking at the traveling habits of those in each state to see where people are efficient and where people aren't.

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Another great way to phrase this? Which states have travelers that cause big delays in the airport and which don't. We all know traveling can be annoying and daunting at times, from having to go through security in a rush to trying to find your seat without holding people up.


Where Does Minnesota Rank & Why?

With all of that said, where does Minnesota rank among this list? USA Today ranked us number thirty-one, meaning we aren't the most efficient when it comes to traveling. However, we are much closer to the bottom of the 'most inefficient' list than the top so that counts for something!

We landed at the same spot when it comes to security checkpoints, meaning we don't really hold people up but we do have a little bit to learn about making that process a little bit smoother. We are also pretty good at not overpacking!

Iam Anupong
Iam Anupong

What Can Minnesotans Do Better At?

Well, it looks like deplaning just isn't our forte. We cracked the top ten there, meaning we are some of the most inefficient when it comes to getting off the plane. As long as you don't get up the second the plane lands, that's all I can ask for.

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We are somewhere in the middle when it comes to getting our carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment. I can't lie - putting my bag into the overhead gives me a little bit of anxiety so I get this one. Traveling can be rough so let's just all be patient and cut each other some slack!

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