We are heading into the peak months of the year for lightning strikes. According to the CDC, 73% of all lightning deaths occur in June, July, and August. They track all sorts of statistics and can even pinpoint which part of the state sees the most lightning strikes.

State Data From 2022

Last year Minnesota ranked 16th in the number of lightning strikes. These numbers aren't reporting injuries or deaths, just general lightning strikes in the states. Data from Vaisala / WeatherX shows that Minnesota had 4.45 million lightning strikes. Wisconsin came in 26th place with 2.48 million strikes.

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90% of all people struck by lightning survive.

The fact that 90% of people struck survive is encouraging, but it's also not something we want to roll our dice with. Males are more likely to be struck by lightning, and people who spend time outdoors are obviously more likely.

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Roughly 33% of lightning strikes happen to people indoors.

The CDC recommends that when you hear thunder you should head indoors to a safe, enclosed space. If you're at home, close your windows. If you get into a car, make sure the windows are rolled up.  But that still isn't 100% foolproof. A third of lightning injuries occur indoors.

Lightning strikes an electrical substation in the city of Phoenix.

Minnesota's Lightning Capital

Fox Weather compiled data on the city and town with the most lightning in 2022. They look at the density per square kilometer and found that Fort Ripley had the most lightning events in 2022. There were 115 lightning strikes in the square kilometer.

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Wisconsin's Lightning Capital

Wisconsin's lightning capital is Farmington, where 111 lightning strikes took place in 2022 in a square kilometer area.

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Saturday afternoons are when the most lightning strikes happen.

It would make sense that more people are outdoors during the weekend. Saturdays especially, and that makes it the deadliest day to be outside.

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