Usually, when you decide to play a lottery game, you buy the ticket and tuck it away on the off chance you win something when the next drawing happens.

If you're lucky, you win a little cash, and you're even more fortunate if you remember you bought a ticket and still know where it is.

That is why a significant number of lottery winnings go unclaimed, but a new game from the Wisconsin Lottery instantly takes the mystery out of whether you've won or not, and getting a ticket turned out to be a lucky decision recently for a big winner.

Wisconsin Lottery's Fast Play Progressive Jackpot

The Fast Play Progressive Jackpot is the newest style of lotto game from the Wisconsin Lottery.

The Jackpot starts at $10,000 and will continue to grow with each ticket purchased until it is won.  A percentage of sales from each Fast Play ticket purchased goes to one progressive jackpot.

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Players can watch the jackpot grow in real time and see it reset when there is a winner.  There are a variety of Fast Play games to choose from, all of which contribute to the one Progressive Jackpot.

As the price of your ticket increases, so does the percentage of the Jackpot your ticket can win, from 10% to 100% of the total Jackpot. A big difference from other lottery games is that all prizes are instant wins, including the jackpot. There is no waiting for a drawing, you play your ticket right away to see if you've won.

Big Fast Play Progressive Jackpot Winner

The Wisconsin Lottery announced this week that a player in Thorp, Wisconsin bought a Fast Play 50X ticket ticket for this new lotto game, and "before the ink was dry" they had instantly won a whopping $232,675 Fast Play Progressive Jackpot.

The winning ticket was purchased from Thorps SuperValu at 110 W. Prospect Street in Thorp.

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Wisconsin Lottery officials noted that SuperValu has been on a hot streak lately, the retailer had sold a $78,000 Badger 5 Jackpot ticket just last month.

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The moral of the story is if you're feeling lucky, take advantage of that feeling and try your luck at winning big, especially if you can find out right away whether that lucky feeling was the real deal or if it was just gas.

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