For anyone who likes to wait until closer to Christmas to decorate hopefully you are not someone who also likes a real tree versus an artificial one. When I was younger I do remember our family always having a real Christmas tree, We did not go out in the country and cut one down or anything we went to a pop-up tree farm in the suburbs and picked one out.

There really is nothing more magical than the smell of a real pine tree, but you need to make sure you stay on top of keeping it hydrated or you could be looking at a mess and nightmare of a dry tree.

For Christmas tree farmers this has been a tough year due to drought-like conditions in the area causing them to not have as much inventory. Bobby Abrahamson, owner of Abrahamson Tree Farm in Duluth said to WDIO:

"It has been dry, and I have noticed a lot of the seedlings that I have planted, they have been taking an extra year or more to get growth and to grow. So, normally pine will grow up to two feet a year. Obviously, we charred them so they don’t grow as fast. You know, the growth rate or height of them. But yeah, it has been quite dry lately; and it has really impacted the tree farm."

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That is why you are encouraged to get your tree sooner rather than later for a chance at more of a variety of trees to choose from. According to Good Housekeeping here are some steps to make your real Christmas Tree last for the season.

  1. Start with a healthy Christmas tree from a local farm.
  2. Trim the trunk (and then trim it again).
  3. Check the water level of your Christmas tree daily.
  4. Keep the Christmas tree away from heat sources.
  5. Take your tree down before it dries out.

Of course, when you are picking out your tree most of the tree farms would be happy to answer any questions and will make sure to give you quality trees to choose from.

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