Not everything beer related happens in Wisconsin. A local Minnesota legend built a motorcycle powered by beer instead of gas.

Ky Michaelson, is an inventor from Minnesota. According to his website, he has battled government, gravity, and a profound learning disability to become the first civilian to launch a rocket into space. He also goes by the nickname "The Rocketman".

There is even a documentary currently being made about his life. He even has a room in his house dedicated to the past inventions that he has called his "at-home invention museum". Some of his past inventions include: a rocket-powered toilet and a jet-powered coffee pot.

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With gas prices always increasing, Michaelson decided to replace a gas-powered engine with a 14-gallon keg with a heating coil. The heating coil then heats up the beer to 300 degrees and gets turned into super-heated steam that propels the bike forward.

Michaelson creates these inventions in his garage located in Bloomington, along with the help of his son, Buddy. They currently use Coors Light, but said any liquid from Redbull, to Caribou Coffee could work. Check out a test of it below:

Michaelson believes the bike can reach speeds up to 150 mph, however, he has not tested it on the roads yet. He has entered the bike at a few local car shows where he has taken home first place. Fox 9 shared the story and you can check it out below:

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