The Minnesota Vikings went to social media to reveal who will be performing at Halftime this 'Wild Card' weekend as they take on the New York Giants.

The Vikings usually find some talented artists to perform at games. Back in 2018, country star Jordan Davis, whose platinum-certified debut single "Singles You Up" ranked as the most-played song on country radio performed.

They tapped into country again for the first game of this season with star Mitchell Tenpenny preforming. Tenpenny played around 10 am before the Vikes took on the Green Bay Packers.

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Then on Thanksgiving 2022, They got both rapper and Minnesota native Yung Gravy and country star Tyler Hubbard to perform. Yung Gravy, I believe performed before the Vikes took on the Patriots. With Hubbard playing at the halftime show. You also won't believe what Yung Gravy does with all the bras that are thrown at him during shows. 

So if you're wondering if the Vikings were going to find a big name to perform during halftime for this weekend's wildcard matchup, they indeed found a big name. Actor and rap star Ludacris is slated to perform.

The Vikings went to social media to make the announcement. They used the caption "We're coming for that number 1 spot":

Of course, that particular lyric is from the 2004 hit "Number One Spot/The Potion"

Hopefully, Luda will be the good luck charm that the Vikes need as they face off against the Giants. I'm also hoping it's not a nail-biter relying on a 60+ game-winning field goal. I'm sure they went with Luda particularly because of his 2004 song. Skol!

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