I'm boiling as I write this. Truly tears filled my eyes as it appears in the video that one bear cub is dropped after being yanked out of the tree it was sitting in with its sister or brother.

As you'll see in the video below from Ashville, North Carolina, there is a fence between the tree and the group of six grabbing the bear cubs for photos. After one member of the group gets her photo you hear a loud yelp from the baby cub after it appears it was dropped. It then runs away favoring its right paw trying to figure out how to get back over the fence.

It's a truly alarming and heartbreaking video.

Here's the raw video taken by Rachel Staudt who lives in an apartment complex across the street according to the Charlotte Observer. You can hear her and her friend commenting before Rachel abruptly stops recording to yell at them after the cub is dropped.

She then called the police who called the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

According to the North Carolina Resources Wildlife Commission, they found one of the injured cubs in a retention pond shaking and cold. It's now in a cub rehabilitation facility and will hopefully be released into the wild later this year.

No one has found the second baby bear, hoping it is with its mom.

NC Wildlife Resources Commission
NC Wildlife Resources Commission

The cub’s condition is likely a result of the unnecessary and irresponsible actions of the people involved. Our enforcement staff searched the area for the second cub but did not locate it. Our hope is it was able to reunite with the mother because it would not survive on its own at this young age.

Wildlife officials and police found the group of six harassing the two baby brown bear cubs.

We confronted them and let them know how irresponsible and potentially deadly it could be for that cub to be separated from its mom, especially ripped out of a tree like that.

The investigation is still ongoing according to ABC News and as you can imagine, people are outraged at the group demanding justice for the baby bears. BearWise is involved as well now. It's an organization that helps educate people on how to live responsibly and coexist with black bears.

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