A Hooters server has gone viral for showing off her funny bone, revealing the best one-liners she delivers to customers while they wait for their wings.

On TikTok, Hooters server Charity (a.k.a. @charityy_harris) revealed the "bits" she uses to give hungry guests a little entertainment while she's waiting tables.

"So, first up on my list, I always tell people we are out of water. Every time they order water. Oh my God, no one told you? We just ran out of water," she jokes.

Another stunt she likes to pull on male customers is her "princess" routine.

"How's your food, princess? Here's a drink for you, princess," she'll tell them.

If a male client tries to "flag her down," she will hit them with the, "Are y'all missing me that much?" line, which Charity calls a crowd-pleaser.

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Charity will even pull the "silent treatment" on large groups of sassy customers.

"I'll hit 'em with the, 'We are fighting now. I am not talking to you for two minutes.' If they try and talk, I will look at their friends and say, 'Do you hear something?'" she jokes.

Finally, when customers ask for their bill, Charity will playfully hold them hostage: "Oh my God, I didn't tell you. I actually kind of like you guys, and I have come to the conclusion that you can't leave."

Watch below:

Charity's unique approach to customer service is a big hit at Hooters as well as on TikTok.

As of publishing, her viral video has over 428,000 likes and hundreds of comments, many from fellow servers sharing their own stories.

"My favorite bit as a server was handing the check to the baby/little kid at the table," one viewer wrote.

"I tell my tables to scream at me across the room if you need anything. One guy just yelled my name through the whole restaurant," another shared.

While Charity enjoys joking around with her customers, she also takes her job very seriously.

In a separate video, Charity reminded TikTok that she brings her vibrant personality to work because that's how she pays her rent.

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