A man on Reddit is being labeled a "Grinch" after he refused to get his sister-in-law a present for Christmas.

In his post, the man shares that he and his wife usually give gifts for the holidays and that his wife wanted to get her sister a half the money for a $400 camera. That is when the husband dug in his heels.

"A month ago, her sister (25f) moved into a new apartment and has a good paying job. My wife and I decided to gift her our slightly used couch (originally purchased for ~$1000) that we had owned for 1 year, since we recently moved into a bigger place ourselves and purchased a new sofa as well. While moving our gifted couch out of our home with a family friend, she scratched up our walls which led to us having to pay for materials to repaint," the man revealed.

"She informed my wife that she would repay us for the total damages ( scratched up upstairs walls, stairwell walls, and scratched up wooden banisters and scratched up wooden floors) which was ~$200 but never gave us the money," he continued.

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That's when the man said to his wife that the gift for his sister-in-law would be for them to do away with the debt from the damages from picking up the sofa.

"My wife thinks I’m being a ‘grinch’ and that we should still get her something. I feel like I’m being more than fair. But I don’t know if clouded by my feelings about her never having paid us for the damages," he concludes before asking if he is in the wrong.

People in the comments section were divided over what to do in this situation.

"Your best bet is to forget about he incident and just get her something small. Maybe a smaller gift card to the store she wants to buy the camera from.," said one person.

"Get her something small but thoughtful that doesn't cost much of anything. I'm sure your wife can find something under $50 along those lines. Since she wants a new camera, perhaps a digital picture frame, some accessories for the camera or a bag for it?" another person added.

"Sister got a sofa and didn't pay for damages. Sister already got enough this year," someone else shared.

"Give her a lump of coal and a scratch removal kit," read another comment.

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