Justin Bieber's dad Jeremy is being slammed online for posting an offensive anti-LGBTQ+ meme just in time for Pride Month.

"Don't forget to thank a straight person this month for your existence," the meme, which Jeremy Bieber posted on his Twitter account alongside a rainbow Pride flag, read.

The post, which was shared Wednesday (June 7) morning, has since been deleted.

Following immediate backlash online, Jeremy doubled down on the problematic meme's message, tweeting, "Acknowledging the nuclear family is offensive? My apologies to those offended. Was not my intent. Not that my opinion matters."

Fans flooded Jeremy's replies, blasting the pop star's father for being "a leech" and "a deadbeat" for not being as present in the "Lonely" singer's life as his mother, Pattie Mallette. Jeremy's absence from his son's younger years was documented in Justin's 2011 concert film, Never Say Never.

"[You] have [three] baby mamas, and the breadwinner of your family was your son at 15 years old," one person on Twitter replied to Jeremy, pointing out his hypocrisy for lauding the "nuclear family."

Another fan made their own meme in response, telling Jeremy to remember to thank Justin for his "paid bills."

Someone else accused Jeremy of using his famous son for his money and fame.

"What do u know about family? [You] literally abandoned [your] own son, then popped in once he became famous so [you] can use him for money," the fan alleged, adding, "Keep the LGBTQ community out [your] mouth."

Due to Jeremy's tweets, some people wondered if Justin shares the same beliefs, but several fans came to his defense.

"Why do people act like celebrities agree with everything their weird ass parents say? He's just a loser who feeds off of his son's fame," someone tweeted.

One fan shared some of the instances Justin has been supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community, while another pointed out the time Justin wrote in an Instagram comment, "I'm not gay, but even if I was, that's not an insult."

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Another instance fans referenced was a time Justin empathized with a queer fan who shared their experience with homophobia in church.

"Yeah, that breaks my heart for you. I’m so sorry. That’s not okay," Justin told the fan at the time, according to Billboard.

Jeremy's bizarre anti-LGBTQ+ tweet comes after the contractor tweeted about celebrating families.

"We need to celebrate families. [You] know the reason we’re all here! The things this generation glorifies is unbelievable!" he tweeted on June 5.

In the past, Justin's wife Hailey Bieber has also discussed having differing opinions from her own father on important issues, such as the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

"I love my father, he's an amazing dad, but we so strongly disagreed on [the election]. He and my sister [Alaia] strongly disagreed on it. My sister's husband, like everyone on our side, just doesn't agree with him," she told The Sunday Times, according to Page Six, about her father's support for disgraced former president Donald Trump.

Justin has not commented publicly on his father's anti-Pride Month meme as of publishing.

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