A man was roasted on Reddit after his pregnant fiancée shared that he was choosing to go on a family vacation despite her due date being around the same time.

"I have gone to Florida with his family for the past 5 years for at least part of Christmas. Every other year, I returned before him to spend Christmas day with my family. This year is the first time in a long time that all the other siblings are able to overlap dates," she wrote. "My fiancé has major FOMO, which is why this is a sensitive subject. His parents have always been weird about keeping their family close."

The woman has always felt that her in-laws haven't considered her "completely part of their family" since they aren't married yet.

"My fiancé and I (31M and 31F) are expecting our first baby due December 30th. His family has a vacation home in Florida and they have gone every year during the holidays for about a month until after New Year," she said. "He agreed not to go this year because of the baby but his family is insisting that he go and come back on the 28th which is 'ample time before the baby is due.' So he bought a ticket for December 15th-28th."

Her fiancé explained that his parents "really want him there" and all his siblings are going, so he wants to see them.

"This is bothering me a lot more than I thought because I know pregnancies are unpredictable, especially in the last trimester and if anything happens leading up to the due date, I need him there," she detailed, noting her parents are away dealing with a family emergency and she will be "completely alone."

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"The other reason...and I guess it's more selfish, is that I will be spending Christmas by myself. It's not the main reason why I'm bothered but it's a small part of it," she recalled. "He's been spending Christmas every year in Florida since he was 15 and there will be many more trips after the baby is born."

"I don't know why he has to go THIS YEAR," the confused woman added. "Any time I bring it up, it results in a very uncomfortable fight about my expectations to put me first rather than his parents."

In the comments, Reddit users blasted her fiancé for not wanting to be with her in case she goes into labor.

"Your husband is a fool if he goes. This is your first baby, you do not know if the baby will be here early, on time or late. His family is you and the baby. If his family can't see that, that's another issue. None of them have a crystal ball and know when that baby is coming," one person wrote.

"This is absolutely a dealbreaker for me, and the relationship would not recover. That baby can come anytime, and his family knows that even better than bf if it’s his first child. So on top of being a selfish idiot, you have a family who will gaslight and subvert the relationship at any opportunity. No thank you. Take your baby and run," another person chimed in.

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"This is such an egregious act of breaking a sacred trust between partners," a third user scoffed.

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