No, this design was not an accident. "Pee-stained" jeans are very real.

The hot, new clothing item debuted on the fall/winter 2023 runway and are made by Jordanluca jeans.

The pants in question feature a dark stain in the groin area that appears as though the person wearing the jeans has peed themselves.

Despite their unorthodox look, the jeans have been a hot seller and have already sold out online, according to TMZ. A lighter wash of the pair of jeans was on sale for $608 after being priced at $811 originally.

Since the jeans made their debut, the public has shared their thoughts on the divisive jeans.

"$608 dollars for pee jeans? I can pee in the jeans I already own for free," one person shared on Twitter.

"Another 'just when you think you've seen it all' moment," another person wrote.

"Uh, yes, I'm wearing the ‘pee stain denim’ designer jeans, totally, yup," read a separate comment.

"Why would anyone wear this?" someone else said.

The "pee-stained" pants were the opening clothing look for the fall/winter 2023 runway at Milan Fashion Week.

According to Vogue Business, the company that makes the jeans, Jordanluca, has seen an increase in sales from 2022 to 2023. The outlet reports that sales have increased by 15 percent.

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Stavros Karelis, the founder and buying director for Machine-A, spoke to Vogue about the brand.

"Its statement elongated bell bottom trousers, as well as its strong tailoring propositions, has placed it on the top of the customer demand. I believe that the brand is going to be extremely popular in the coming seasons, establishing it as one of the key fashion players on an international level," he said.

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