Selena Gomez is looking back on a difficult chapter in her life.

In an interview with Fast Company, the Only Murders in the Building star revealed why she took a long social media break after her split from Justin Bieber, as well as her bipolar disorder diagnosis.

"I had just gotten my heart broken. I didn't need to see what everyone was doing," Gomez explained of her long social media break, which started in 2018.

"Then there were those moments of not feeling positive about how I looked because of what I'd see on Instagram. 'Wow, I wish my body looked like that,'" she continued.

Bieber and Gomez split in 2018 after many years of being on and off. Around the same time, Gomez was diagnosed with bipolar disorder following a psychosis episode.

Gomez's former assistant, Raquelle Stevens, spoke about the pop star's diagnosis in the latter's 2022 documentary, My Mind & Me.

"I just remember it being very chaotic, she was hearing all these voices and they just kept getting louder and louder. That just triggered some sort of psychotic break," Raquelle said, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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Life appears to have calmed down for Gomez today. She told Fast Company that she does not have any sad songs on her upcoming album.

"I love sad-girl music, I'm really good at that. However, I can't really write that if I'm not sad. I've had to re-learn what being me and being happy looked like. There is not one sad song on this whole album," Gomez shared.

"I've never promised anyone that I'll never have a bad day again. I've always been honest with my fans. Even when I take breaks from social media, I'll say I'm taking a break," she added.

The "Lose You to Love Me Singer" also shared her best piece of advice for anyone going through a hard time.

"All I would say is, 'Every choice you make is yours.' At the end of the day, you have to be proud of it. If it ends up being a mistake, it's your mistake to learn. Take a lesson from that," Gomez said.

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