A man on Reddit was blasted after admitting he refused to sleep on the couch so his breastfeeding wife and newborn baby could get some much-needed sleep amid his loud snoring.

"My fiancée Jen just gave birth to our daughter [two] months ago. She strictly breastfeeds, so as you can imagine, she gets far less sleep than I do. During the day I help with changing or holding her but all feedings are up to Jen," he wrote on Reddit, explaining he's an independent video game developer who also works a typical 9 to 5.

"But after getting home, having dinner with my fiancée and looking after the baby for a while, I jump on and work on the game. For the past [two to three] nights I have been up 'til 1AM/2AM working on the game and I have been ultra tired," he continued.

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"I snore like a maniac when I'm tired. It's super embarrassing because I truly sound like a mack truck," the new dad added.

Their newborn has been "fussy" lately, and his fiancée has been having a hard time getting the baby to sleep. When the man went to bed around 2AM the other night, his fiancée begged him to sleep on the couch so he wouldn't wake the baby with his snoring.

"I said no. I was so tired and the couch is not comfortable at all. I had to work early. I wanted to sleep. She didn't fight it but she called me a 'f---ing p---k' and walked out of the room with the baby," he revealed. When he woke up the next morning, the baby was in the crib in the nursery and his fiancée was "asleep on the floor with no pillows/blankets."

"She still won't talk to me," he concluded his post.

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Users in the comments blasted the man for not putting the needs of his newborn and fiancée before his.

"Your wife has no choice but to be up with the baby, feed the baby, etc. …. You had a choice to go to bed early and you chose not to. That aside, are you aware of the [percent] of accidents, baby drops, heightened risk of PPA/PPD that a new mother goes through when sleep deprived?" one person wrote.

"If you are so tired then the couch should have been fine. Your wife grew a whole human and is using her body to feed it. She’s exhausted, and you could have slept on the couch to help her get some much deserved rest," another chimed in.

"How about doing the right thing for his child? Sounds selfish and immature. Your poor fiancée. The only bright side is that they aren’t married, so it's easy for her to cut and run," someone else commented.

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