You wake up on your day off. It's a stunning day. No matter what season it is, when the sun is shining and you don't have a single obligation in the world you smile and think what should I do on this glorious day?

The next thing you know it's late afternoon and you're still in your pajamas, lounging around the house, eating comfort food, and binge-watching movies or a television series. Or maybe you're lost in a book, still in bed with your dog curled up next to you.

Oh, those lazy days are the best. However, guilt starts to sink in, ruining your day because you feel like a slob since you're not outside taking advantage of such a beautiful day.

Ugh, this is so real, isn't it? I long for rainy or snowy days off sometimes so I don't experience what's called 'sunshine guilt' because it can ruin a perfectly good day of doing nothing on your couch.

adrian swancar/g-stockstudio/Purestock/BartekSzewczyk/Tero Vesalainen
adrian swancar/g-stockstudio/Purestock/BartekSzewczyk/Tero Vesalainen

Your mind starts spinning thinking about everyone else out taking advantage of the pleasantness. Are you missing out? Should you say you weren't feeling well if anyone asks? Excuses start forming so you don't feel so guilty and others don't think you're pathetic.

According to HuffPost U.K., that regretful feeling whenever you stay inside on a nice day is because you're assuming everyone else is outside living their best life.

That's not true at all according to Bustle. This negative stigma associated with not taking advantage of nice weather is wrong since we all do it. It's normal and needed to recharge quite often. While sunshine and socialization are good for us, sometimes we need that downtime so never feel guilty.

However, according to the News Talk website people who live in regions that have more than 300 days of sunshine each year like Denver, Colorado, or Southern California don't experience sunshine guilt like those living in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, and the Northeast so it's most definitely a regional thing.

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