Being ghosted sucks.

Unfortunately, many of us have had someone we were dating, getting to know, etc. suddenly disappear.

According to Psychology Today, ghosting is "abruptly ending communication with someone without explanation. The concept most often refers to romantic relationships but can also describe disappearances from friendships and the workplace."

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I have personally been ghosted many times. Recently, I was unusually hurt after a guy I was trying to get to know up and stopped responding to my text messages without any explanation.

To be blunt: It messed me up for about two weeks.

Usually, I am self aware and can see why someone might want to bounce, but this one didn't make sense. It hurt, so I understand that being ghosted wrecks the heart and the brain.

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ThinkStock via Getty Images

Below, here's what to do if someone is ghosting you in a relationship.

Tough Love...

Once they ghost you, let them remain a spirit. They are DEAD to you!

Have a funeral, seance, burn some sage, take a few shots of fireball — whatever it takes to rid them from your thoughts.

If they ghost you, they don't respect you. They are a coward. They don't deserve your time, your heart, the energy it takes to message them or to take up any space in your mind.

Strike Three? You're Out!

I personally think you are allowed to text someone three times before you stop.

First message they might have overlooked. Second message, it's a little more calculated. Third message with no response, they are deliberately choosing to ignore you.

Do NOT message a fourth time. Then you become the "crazy" one and they will use that as an excuse as to why they stopped talking to you. Don't let them have the upper hand.

I know being ghosted is painful. You will survive. The world will go on — and so will you without that disrespectful scoundrel in your life.

Xx, Dating Donny

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