A woman confessed on Reddit that she is struggling with how to tell her boyfriend she overheard his female co-workers dissing her at his company's holiday party.

"My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months and it has been wonderful. I love this man to death and he treats me so well," she wrote. "He started this job back in the spring when he and I first began dating. He loves this job a lot and I was so excited to be his plus one and get to know the people that he works with. This was my very first time meeting anybody from his office."

The woman continued, "The night started out great. I met lots of people, had really good conversations and everyone was pretty nice and welcoming. I ventured off within the event without my boyfriend and talked to people independently and was really proud of myself for doing so (I'm really shy at events where I don't know many people and was super nervous, but was trying to make the best impression possible for my boyfriend's sake.)"

When she went to use the bathroom, she overheard his female coworkers dissing her while in the stalls.

"Girl one: "Yeah, (my boyfriend's name) 's girlfriend is whatever I guess. I didn't realize he was into like, gross skinny girls. Girl two: *Laughs* I guess that's why he usually eats lunch with you and not her (Implying I don't eat)," she recalled. "Girl one: *Laughs*"

She "panicked" and immediately ran out of the bathroom, "choking back tears."

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"I had been so nice to both of these girls, (I believe I know who it was based on their voices) had complimented their outfits, asked about their lives etc.. Girl one was with her boyfriend too!," she said. "I'm devastated over being body shamed, and can't stop imagining what other terrible things that they had said before I walked in."

The hurt woman is torn whether she should tell her boyfriend about the incident or not.

"I wouldn't want him to tell them that I overheard them and make things extremely awkward or hostile between us. I will have to see these people again for future work events, but I want to cry thinking about having to do so," she added. "I'm afraid if I speak up that I'll damage my boyfriend and I's relationship."

In the comments, Reddit users urged her to tell her boyfriend what his co-workers said.

"Tell your bf what you overheard, not that you want or expect him to do anything about it, just so he knows what they're really about, too," one person wrote.

"Definitely tell him, they’ve already chosen hostility so there’s nothing to save there. Acting friendly to your face and then making such disgusting comments behind your back right after fully deserves any and all negative social consequences, including staying away from you so you don’t have to deal with them again," another user chimed in.

"Girl… you should have stayed and let them walk out to see you. Their behavior is a reflection of them and not of you. They should be embarrassed. The best thing you can do now is to tell your boyfriend and make sure he doesn’t eat lunch with that girl again," a third person commented.

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