A woman is at odds with her bride-to-be sister after refusing to dress up as a Disney princess for the sister's upcoming wedding.

"I have an older sister Jade who has been obsessed with Disney since we were kids. I too have a liking for the brand and many of its movies and characters but Jade takes it to a whole new level," she wrote on Reddit.

Since getting engaged, "Jade has been raving about decorating her entire house with Disney stuff, basically anything she can find. My brothers and I have no issue with this because we know how much she loves Disney."

However, the trouble started when they began discussing the wedding, as her sister wants to "dress up all the bridesmaids as different Disney princesses; the signature dress, makeup, and hair, all matching that Disney princess."

"I thought it seemed a bit weird and as I'm not big on doing my hair or makeup a lot, I was a little bothered. I also felt she was a bit old to be trying to 'play dress up' and force her bridesmaids to have makeovers and such to look like a Disney princess," the frustrated woman continued.

She noted that she's "not very feminine," and therefore doesn't wear dresses often and never really wears makeup.

"I mentioned to Jade that it was a bit childish and immature to try to fuel this obsession by treating her bridesmaids like dolls and I didn't want to be a doll to her. She got mad at me and argued that it's her wedding and her special day so everyone should comply with what she wants," she shared.

Her sister argued that she'd "do the same for me or anyone else's special day," while their mom told her that she "overreacted" and should "compromise" with her sister to "make her day special and not ruin it."

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Users gave the woman some tough love in the comments sections, with many suggesting she compromise to make her sister's wedding special.

"I want to make it clear, you should NOT have to dress like a Disney princess if you don't want to. The right way to have handled this was to simply say, 'You know, Jade, the dresses and makeover you want for your bridesmaids just aren't me. I think it best if I just come to your wedding as a guest.' But you didn't say that. You called her childish and immature, which is completely uncalled for. She didn't do anything to hurt you. She's not doing anything to hurt anybody. She wants her wedding to be a certain way. Not my way. Not your way. But her way. And that's OK. You could have simply bowed out without the insults," one person wrote.

"Suck it up — someone else’s wedding isn’t about you and your comfort zone. Someday you’ll be the one making ridiculous wedding choices, and you will be amazed at how much you suddenly care about the total visual effect," another commented.

"Why even be a bridesmaid if you don't like makeup or dresses? That's like going to the beach and being upset there is water," someone else shared.

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