The only thing more fun than watching movies is obsessively rating and reviewing them on Letterboxd, the film site and app that’s part database and part nerdy social media platform. Letterboxd lets you track, rate, and review everything you watch, and read reviews from your friends and any one else on the site who publicly publishes their activity.

It’s also a great resource for finding movies to watch or movies to avoid. If you click on “Films” at the top of the Letterboxd home page and then go to “Genre” and then click “Sort By - Average Rating - Lowest First” you’ll see the worst of the worst of any genre under the sun, at least according to Letterboxd users.

At least as of this writing, Letterboxd doesn’t have a specific listing for the superhero genre — but if you look through other Letterboxd genres (action, adventure, science fiction, etc.), sort by the lowest average rating, and then scroll through, you’ll find the titles that Letterboxd users consider the absolute worst ever made.

Or if that’s too much work, just keep scrolling here. I went through every one of their genres, and found the 25 lowest-rated superhero movies of all time. The picks run the gamut from Marvel to DC to Dark Horse and even a couple of films that aren’t based on any existing comics. There are even a few titles I disagree with! That’s the beauty of a site like Letterboxd. It lets you speak your mind, and see how others feel about the same films.

So let’s see how many (many) other movie lovers feel about the worst superhero films ever made...

The Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made, According to Letterboxd

According to millions of users on Letterboxd, these are the 25 worst superhero movies of all time...

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