Were you planning on 'picnicking' this weekend? The weather looks like it will cooperate, which is great, but what about the bugs that can make eating outdoors unenjoyable? Well supposedly if you combine these two common grocery store items it keeps the flies away, leading to a more enjoyable outdoor dining experience.

The next time you are shopping at your favorite grocery store, linger in the produce aisle grab a lemon or two, and then wander off to the baking section and snag some cloves. Combining lemons and cloves is enough to ward off even the peskiest of flies.

I learned of this hack from one of the most reliable and trustworthy men of the 90s, Bob Vila. Actually, it was BobVila.com where I found the hack, but it still can be the difference maker in how you spend your time outdoors this summer.

Even an impeccably planned alfresco dining experience can go awry when flies invade the main course. Give the pesky intruders the boot with a dynamic duo of fruits and spices. Half an hour before serving time, place bowls of lemon halves topped with cloves on the table to ensure a pest-proof party.

I've seen lemons and cloves before, but I don't recall if they were being combined to ward off horseflies. Also, I would think the smell of fresh citrus and cloves would be pleasant to anyone sitting nearby.

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Do you know of any other summer 'life' hacks? Maybe it's an old 'wives tale' that works well for you. If you feel like sharing it, hit us up on the app and message us.

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