Forgive the tardiness of this announcement about who won the Brainerd Lakes Bloody Mary Fest. It was none other than the Red Rooster from Genola! That makes this back-to-back first-place finishes at competitions this year and on the heels of a People's Choice award at the Twin Cities Bloody Mary Fest last October.

The competition took place on the Breezy Belle at Breezy Point, and featured some of the best Bloody Mary's that could be found throughout the region.

With the Red Rooster taking the win, it sets up an interesting contest this September when the Bloody Mary Fest will stop in St. Cloud. It appears the Rooster has already thrown down the gauntlet for the upcoming contest in announcing they would be there.

I'll be honest I've had one or two Bloody Mary's in my day, and there are two trains of thought with the popular adult beverage.

One thought is the beverage is really a appetizer of sorts, as some people will only order them if they come with burgers, tacos, hard boiled eggs, etc.

The other thought, and what I go by is the flavor of all the ingredients together in the beverage itself. You can keep all the other fancy stuff out of my glass, just hit me with your best mix.


I like a little horseradish in the mix, but I know that 'flavor' isn't for everyone.

So come September can anyone topple the Goliath of Bloody's in Genola? Time will tell.

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There isn't any information on a September Bloody Mary Fest in St. Cloud yet, but you can check back on the event creator's website, here. 

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