Can we get a little bit more fall before the snow flies? Fall is my favorite time of year. I'd like it to last without snow at least until Thanksgiving. It's probably asking too much, but I'd really like that. Apparently, Mother Nature has different plans for us.

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If the National Weather Service is correct, snow is already expected to fly between today and Friday in parts of Minnesota. If you live in the Brainerd, Baxter, or Camp Ripley area, or north of those locations, you could actually see some snowflakes.


It doesn't look like there will be any accumulation, but there may be a dusting. If you live in this area, maybe you're used to the snow showing up the second week of October. I remember it snowing on my birthday when I was a cheerleader in Princeton back in the 80s which is the first week in October, so I know. We are no strangers to the snow.

To learn more you can click HERE. I promise...I'm not making this up.  Get out your winter coats, because winter is on its way.


What is the earliest snow you remember? I actually love all the seasons that Minnesota brings, but each one is a bit bittersweet. We have a serious seasonal clock in this state that seems to relate to memories, good or bad. I wonder what they do in places like Oregon, California, Arizona, and New Mexico to remember what time of year it is? Send your stories to


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