A neighborhood is like a job in some ways, it's really up to you to make it into something you like. Sometimes you've got really fun neighbors, other times not so much. I would hate to think that one of my neighbors would leave a note like this on a garage sale sign, but someone did, and honestly, I can't believe what they wrote.

Our neighborhood is trying out garage sales this week, so various neighbors have taken it upon themselves to put out signs, and post their sale hours online and sometimes right on the signs themselves. Apparently, one neighbor's sale hours offended someone as a sticky post-it note was left on one of their signs that was rude.

Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM Screengrab
Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM Screengrab

The yellow post-it note reads: MIGHT BE CLOSED - We're Lazy


What is wrong with people? What, other than the person who left it being a jerk, does this note prove?

Now I did go online to see what the deal was and the hours listed for the address of this home weren't crazy, so why someone would come armed with a Post-it and a Sharpie is beyond me.

When I drove by this house when I was leaving for work this morning it appeared that the garage sale signs were still up, and the sale is going forward.

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If you happen to stop at a garage sale this weekend, smile and relax, as many of the homeowners have invested their time and energy into organizing their sale, sometimes a little bit of kindness goes a long way with some people.

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