Minnesotans must love chicken. A new Chicago-based chicken chain that opened in Brooklyn Center over the weekend created enough excitement that there was reportedly a 2-hour wait in line to order.

According to a post announcing the opening date for Harold's Chicken, comments state that people were waiting in line as long as two hours.

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Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

What seemed to be a comment theme in the comments was that the service was still great, but the excitement of the new restaurant seemed to bring more people than what the restaurant could handle.

We see it all the time with new businesses, right?

A website for the restaurant in Brooklyn Center was found, but all the website was announcing was that the restaurant was coming soon, and there was a link for applying for a job at the chicken restaurant.

The main Harold's Chicken website lists more than 35 franchises across the US, with the majority being found in the Chicago area. (The Brooklyn Center location hasn't been added to the online map as of this morning.)

Could this be the next chain to come to St. Cloud?

Harold's was founded in 1950 by African-American Chicago entrepreneur Harold Pierce. According to Harold's website, there are some differences between Harold's chicken and chicken cooked at other restaurants/franchises.

Harold's fried chicken is different from that served at other fast food chicken restaurants (Kentucky Fried Chicken, Brown's Chicken, Popeyes, etc.) in two ways. The first is the cooking medium. Harold's chicken is cooked in a mix of half beef tallow and half vegetable oil, while some chains use only vegetable oil. This provides a taste that is more similar to the traditional home-cooked fried chicken that was invented in the American South. The second major difference between Harold's Chicken and most other restaurants is that at Harold's, the chicken is not fried until it is ordered.

You can find the menu online, by heading here. 

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