Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- A Rochester woman has lost thousands of dollars after she inadvertently gave a scammer access to her bank account. 

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That’s according to Rochester Police Department Communications Coordinator Amanda Grayson. The scammer infiltrated the 76-year-old woman’s bank account in June. 

The scam victim told police she had called a help desk number that appeared to be listed in Kentucky that she found on Google after being unable to access her Facebook account. 

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Scammer Makes Off With $20K After Hacking Rochester Woman's Bank Account

She reported speaking with a male who had a foreign accent, the police report indicates. 

The man instructed her to grant him remote access to her device, saying he was going to check her apps for anything suspicious. 

The victim said she complied then discovered the man had gone into her bank account and took $20,000 from it. 

Grayson says the victim is working with her bank to try and recover the lost funds.  

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