A garden hose is one of the most common items in backyards throughout the Midwest, but it can be extremely dangerous.

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Anyone who has a child with access to a garden hose needs to be aware of this risk. It's vital that parents understand how dangerous they can be and how a little patience can prevent a life-altering moment, and not just for your children.

We often hear warnings about not leaving children in vehicles. Temperatures can soar inside vehicles parked in the sun, creating a deadly situation in a matter of minutes. It's also important to leave vehicles locked. An unlocked door could allow a child to climb inside, where temperatures of vehicles in direct sunlight can reach well over 150 degrees.

One thing we very seldom hear is the dangers of a garden hose left in the sun. A garden hose in direct sunlight, filled with water that's not flowing, can reach temperatures of over 140 degrees. Water at that temperature can cause 3rd degree burns to an adult in just 5 seconds. It will cause full-thickness, irreversible damage to children even faster because they have thinner skin than adults.

This photo is of a child burned by hot water from a garden hose.

Las Vegas FireRescue, Twitter
Las Vegas FireRescue, Twitter

A dog can also burn very easily. The surface of the skin of a dog is just 8-10 cell layers thick, according to Furever Loved. That is less than half the thickness of the surface of human skin (18-20 cell layers).

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash
Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

Using a garden hose is a great way to cool off yourself, a child, or a pet. However, please make sure you turn the water on, let it run for a little while, and check the temperature before you spray it on anything. A little patience can keep a wonderful day from turning into a nightmare.

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