It's been quite a while since we've seen new episodes of a popular TV show. That's about to change.

ABC television cameras have been in Iowa this week shooting the upcoming season of the show that first debuted in February of 2008.

The ABC primetime offering "What Would You Do?" is hosted by John Quiñones, who has been with the ABC network for an amazing 40 years. This week, ABC cameras have been in the state of Iowa.

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On Monday, Waveland Cafe revealed that "What Would You Do?" had been filming inside their restaurant. Located on University Avenue in Des Moines, it's a favorite of Iowa native Jason Mamoa.

Needless to say, Jason Momoa is also a favorite of Waveland Cafe.

It's been three years since a new episode of "What Would You Do?" aired on ABC, but that will be changing this fall. ABC announced in May that the show has been renewed for a 16th season.

In announcing its renewal, Is My Show Cancelled provided a perfect description of the show: "What Would You Do? sets up hidden cameras that capture staged everyday scenarios that involve conflict or inappropriate behavior. Then, the reactions and split-second decisions of bystanders who witness the events are captured and reported on by John Quiñones."

Last week, ABC unveiled its fall schedule.  It features "What Would You Do?" on Wednesday nights, at 9 p.m. central time.

Unfortunately, it appears the Iowa taping of "What Would You Do?" won't air until Season 17. Though we don't know for sure, with the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild strikes continuing, it seems likely that Season 17 would air next spring.

Below is one of the most-viewed segments of the show on the "What Would You Do? YouTube channel. ABC has not yet announced the show's premiere date this fall.

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