Here's a perfect road trip but one warning... you'd better be ready to be amazed by what you'll see.

For a sixth straight year, a company that specializes in marvelous winter displays promises "an immersive winter experience unlike anything you've ever seen" in southern Wisconsin.

Ice Castles
Ice Castles

*Please note the photos in this story may not be representative of what you'll see this winter. They are from previous U.S. events hosted by Ice Castles in recent years.

The company called Ice Castles is perfectly named. Over a decade ago, after moving his family from California to Utah, Brent Christensen decided to build an ice cave in his front yard. The idea was to get his six kids out of the house. Not only did it attract his children, but those from across the city. Kids referred to it as an "ice castle" and Christensen had both a name and a business.

Ice Castles
Ice Castles

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate in Wisconsin last year. It was simply too warm, so this year Ice Castles has created "a more weather-resistant winter experience." They call it Winter Realms.

According to Winter Realms, "The culmination of 10+ years of research & development, this new wintertainment experience encompasses the most iconic and popular elements of our traditional Ice Castles experience combined with cutting edge snow and ice making technologies, millions of programmable lights, and world-class Ice Artisans and sculptors crafting Ice and Snow to present an all-new immersive weather-resilient winter experience that whisks you away to a land of arctic magic and wonder."

Visitors can expect an Arctic Village of ice and snow structures, caverns and igloos, along with ice slides, a tubing hill, a sculpture garden with ice sculptures and snowy structures, and horse-drawn wagon rides that take you through areas lined with trees and lights.

Draft horses pulling a winter sleigh in Sun Valley, Idaho
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Winter Realms will be located at the Geneva National Resort & Club at 1091 Hidden Cottage Circle in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, about an hour southwest of Milwaukee. Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, December 6, with Winter Realms expected to open in January. It will be open through late February or early March, depending on weather conditions.

The only other Winter Realms in the U.S. will be in Lake George, New York.

There will be four Ice Castles around the nation. They'll be located in Cripple Creek, Colorado, Maple Grove, Minnesota, North Woodstock, New Hampshire, and Midway, Utah.

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