The Minnesota State Patrol promotes in their Drive Smart! campaign that "It's a Freeway. Not a Raceway." Facts might indicate otherwise. During a recent enforcement period in the Twin Cities, officers pulled over a 17-year-old driving 113 miles per hour, another 17-year-old racing along at 111 MPH, and a motorcyclist traveling at 107 MPH.

The weekend project resulted in over 700 vehicles pulled over, most for speeding. Troopers also flagged eleven drivers for DWI.

A ticket is generally $110 plus court costs, but it can be higher in extreme circumstances. The Department of Public Safety website reports that speeds of over 100 MPH can result in a six-month suspension of a driver's license.

Safety officials caution that higher speeds cause a greater chance of losing control of a vehicle, less time to react to situations on the road, and longer stopping distances.

Roy Koenig/TSM

AAA Minnesota calls the time period from Memorial Day to Labor Day the "100 Deadliest Days." They cite statistics that show "new teen drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a deadly crash compared to adults," in a news release.

This summer there is even more cause for concern according to Meredith Mitts, a spokeswoman for AAA Minnesota-Iowa, "As the Deadliest Days coincides with what is expected to be a busier summer driving season than last year. AAA expects two years' worth of pent up travel demand to be unleashed in the coming months."

AAA says risky behaviors for teen drivers include teen passengers, driving at night, speeding, distracted or drowsy driving, and not wearing a seat belt. They encourage parents to lead by example, talk with their teens often about avoiding dangerous situations, and spend time with them while they are behind the wheel.

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