Seniors in high school and even juniors are looking at colleges to apply to in Illinois. While graduating high school is a great accomplishment, getting into college to get a degree is a great route to success.

For Illinois high schoolers taking the college route, they need to know which in-state colleges are going to be the best to apply to and hopefully attend. While there are great colleges in Illinois, one made the list of the worst colleges in the U.S.

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When looking for colleges to apply to, high school seniors take many factors into consideration such as tuition costs, social life, campus size, dorm life, athletics, nightlife, and several other factors. Sure, parents help guide them to attend schools that are safe and give their kids a good education, but that's what parents do.

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Illinois is home to some great colleges and universities like the University of Illinois, Northwestern University, Illinois State University, and many others. There is one school in the Land of Lincoln that is labeled as some of the worst in the country, according to

This university on this list is in Chicago and it's the only college from Illinois on this list.

37. DeVry University

In Chicago, Illinois, DeVry University is ranked among the country’s worst schools by various publications, according to Its reputation is less-than-stellar and it doesn't help that its graduation rate is a low 21%.

DeVry has been known to have impersonal online classes, and students walk away with significant debt after school.

The challenges faced by DeVry’s students, including difficulties in communicating with the administration, make this a less appealing choice for those seeking a supportive and engaging educational environment, says

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