Some people hunt for deer, and some hunt for mushrooms, but Gabriella Gerhardt hunts FOUR clovers. (See what I did there)

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Breaking Records

With her sweet spirit and determined personality, it’s no wonder Gabriella Gerhardt has now obtained a world-record-breaking total of 118,791 four-leaf clovers.

For the last 13 years, the Fitchburg resident has carefully hunted and collected 4-leaf clovers, this year beating her own record of 111,060 that was previously held in 2020.

“It started as just kind of a weird random thing that I did, but it’s turned into something that brings me peace and happiness,” she said.

Fitchburg Wisconsin
Fitchburg Wisconsin

Locating Clovers

Each month, Gerhardt can be seen walking her neighborhood streets, hunting and hoping to locate these small and peaceful plants. While her favorite hunting locations are considered top-secret, you may catch her foraging for these rare treats in May and June.

“My hot spots, which is like how you create the volume, I consider them secrets. I don’t share but that being said, people in Fitchburg spot me everywhere. I have friends who honk their horn. It’s become a little bit of a thing so people could probably figure it out if they see me wandering around especially in May and June."

-Gabriella Gerhardt

Despite becoming an impressive Guinness World Record holder, Gabriella still isn't finished. She continues her mission of hunting clovers and brightening the lives of many people she meets on her way.

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Clover World Records

Gerhardt currently holds two Guinness World Records:

  1. Finding 887 four-leaf clovers in eight hours.
  2. Finding 451 clovers in one hour.
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She also has two more world records pending:

  1. The largest certified collection of six-leaf clovers. (1,437, which breaks the record of 43)
  2. The largest collection of seven-leaf clovers. (209, breaking the previous record of 17).

“In order to really find a clover, you have to let your mind clear, it’s a mindfulness exercise and so it was a very soothing experience. Every time you find one, I’ve found over 100 thousand, every time I find one I still get that little magic feeling it’s a little boost of serotonin.”

Green clover leaf in hand.
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Need a little luck? Here is how to grow 4-leaf clovers on your own!

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