Most of my extended family lives in Missouri, or "Missour-uh" as they call it. When I travel south to visit them, Minnesota winters and our accents are popular topics of conversation. Those are probably the first things most Americans think of when they think of our state, so it might be surprising to learn that our weather is pretty great most of the year and that not all of us sound like characters from the movie Fargo.

What comes to mind when you think of Minnesota? The team at Reader's Digest put together a quick cheat sheet with each state's best and worst quality. See what they had to say about our state below.

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I asked some coworkers for their thoughts, and many mentioned they love the outdoor life—this is the land of 10,000 lakes, after all, with plenty of beautiful places to boat, bike, hike, and camp. Others praised our healthcare, which wasn't surprising since we’re home to the number one hospital in the world.

On the downside, people mentioned high taxes, constant road construction, mosquitoes, and winter (especially the windchill) as their least favorite things.

National Magazine Highlights What Minnesota Is Best & Worst At


Reader's Digest says the best thing about Minnesota is our credit scores. While that might not sound very exciting or attract tourists, it's true—Minnesota has the highest overall credit scores in the country.

The publication also mentioned that our winters are the worst thing about the state. That's not surprising, considering how many of the coldest cities in the country are in Minnesota (check out the list below).

Reader's Digest says, "Minnesotans might not be buried under bills, but they are buried under something else: snow. The state has been voted as having the most miserable winters in the country."

BRRRR: The 15 Coldest Cities in America

The list below is from Niche. They put together their list of the coldest cities in the county by looking at which ones had "the coldest average low temperatures during the winter months." Keep scrolling to see the 15 coldest cities in the United States.

Gallery Credit: Dunken

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