Minnesota winters can be unforgiving, with bone-chilling temperatures, relentless winds, treacherous ice, and heavy snowfall. While this winter has been relatively mild, the long-range forecast hints at a drastic change, with temperatures expected to plummet.

The harsh conditions that we experience in Minnesota can produce some visually stunning side effects. The landscape undergoes a magical transformation, becoming a winter wonderland with fragile icicles hanging from tree branches, along with the mesmerizing sun dogs. Recently, Newsweek highlighted one of the extraordinary effects of the cold in Minnesota. A phenomenon that I've never seen and that is usually associated with the frigid landscapes of Antarctica was caught on camera.

An Arctic Blast Will Cause Temps to Plumet in Minnesota

Minnesota has experienced a pleasantly mild winter so far with temperatures above the usual average and minimal snowfall, thanks to El Niño. That will change as colder air is expected to make its way into the region next week.

High temps on Friday, January 12th, through the middle of the following week, will only be around 10 degrees.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Rare 'Antarctica Phenomenon' Seen In Minnesota

A cold weather event, described as a "rare Antarctica phenomenon," occurred in a Minnesota river earlier this week. The occurrence was documented by Carol Bauer, who used a drone to capture the breathtaking scene.

Newsweek reports that "ice pancakes," an unusual phenomenon typically observed in Antarctica and the Baltic Sea, were spotted in the Minnesota River.

The team at Accuweather explained on Twitter that these ice pancakes result from waves colliding with ice fragments, smoothing their edges and forming these unique shapes.

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Gallery Credit: Dunken

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