Last month, we mentioned that Hy-Vee, based in West Des Moines, Iowa, voluntarily recalled two products after manufacturers informed them of an issue.

Now, the FDA has upgraded the recall to a "Class I" health risk, meaning there's a high chance that using or being exposed to these products could cause serious health problems or death. The recalled products were sold in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota.

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Hy-Vee isn't the only chain recalling products right now. There are active recalls for items sold at Sam's Club and Costco. Get that product info below.

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The main threat is Salmonella infection which is a bacterial illness. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota explains people usually get it by eating or drinking contaminated food or water. Symptoms like diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps start 8 to 72 hours after exposure.

Major Recall Happening Now On Products Sold in Eight Midwestern States

The Hy-Vee To Go Cookies & Cream Mix is being recalled. The company says it was distributed to Hy-Vee, Hy-Vee Drugstore, and Dollar Fresh Market locations – as well as Hy-Vee Fast and Fresh convenience stores – across the company’s eight-state region.


According to Supermarket News, several cookie-related products are being recalled right now. These products were sold in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, and Georgia.

The following products have been recalled:

  • Costco Chocolate Chunk Frozen Cookie Dough
  • 1.6-ounce Dough Pucks Member’s Mark Chocolate Chunk
  • Panera Chocolate Chipper Cookie
  • Rise Baking Jumbo Chocolate Chunks (220 3-ounce dough pucks/case)
  • Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie cookie doughs (240 2.5-ounce dough pucks/case and 600 0.45-ounce dough pucks/case)

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