There are thirteen Costco stores here in Minnesota, each offering special perks and discounts to their members. I opted for the basic membership plan, which allows us to buy items in bulk, potentially saving us money in the long run. Costco has personal and business membership options. Basic members pay $60, while executive membership costs $120.

According to Costco's website, they have over 100 million members worldwide. If you are, or ever have been, a cardholder you need to read the important warning the company's customer service team issued.

The discount warehouse's policy changes have made news lately. They are working to stop membership sharing by requiring customers to show their ID when checking out. A new food court policy was also rolled out, and now the team at Costco is making headlines for working hard to protect its members. See the new warning below.

First, Is Costco Raising Its Membership Fee?

Recently, there's been talk about a potential increase in membership fees. Costco tends to raise fees every six years, it has been longer than that since the last price hike.

Richard Galanti, the company's CFO, hinted at an upcoming change when he said, "In our view, it's a question of when, not if." Although this significant change hasn't happened yet, it is most likely coming.

Costco Issues Important Warning To Members

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People are currently being targeted and the company's customer service team has shared some examples to help raise awareness. See the fraudulent emails below along with ten other scams targeting Costco members.

If you come across an email that says your membership has expired and looks like the ones below, avoid clicking any links and don't provide personal or financial information.

Costco Customer Service
Costco Customer Service

10 Costco Scams That You Need To Be Aware of Immediately

According to Reader's Digest, these Costco scams are causing chaos for Costco members.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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