Minnesota-based airline Sun Country is well-known for having great prices on flights. But now, Delta Air Lines has waged a fare war against Sun Country on their flights to and from the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport.

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I love to travel but I don't travel a ton because, ya know, it's expensive! Especially the flights. So a lot of the time I end up flying Sun Country because it's cheaper and I have always had a good experience.

Delta Wages Fare War with Sun Country

It appears that Delta has taken notice of Sun Country's popularity in Minnesota and is trying to do something about it.

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While you're shopping for flights, you may notice that the prices for Basic Economy tickets on Delta are comparable or even cheaper than Sun Country to and from some destinations.

But travel expert Kyle Potter is warning us to be wary. Here's why.

Why We Need to Be Careful with Delta's War Against Sun Country

Kyle Potter, Executive Editor for Thrifty Traveler, spoke with CBS about this fare war and Delta's decrease in some of their Basic Economy tickets.

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Basic Economy is just as it sounds, pretty basic. And with this new price drop on some flights it also "will have you paying extra for everything". You want to pick your seat? Extra cost. You want to change your flight? Extra cost. You also can't earn SkyMiles points for Basic Economy tickets if that's something you're hoping to do.


Kyle also says that "Delta was still charging an extra $300 in some cases for the main cabin". So if you found a flight at a good price but you wanted to have typical flight benefits, like picking your seat, suddenly the cost goes way up.

So what should you do when you're shopping for the best price on a flight?

The Professional's Advice on Shopping for Flights

Kyle's advice? "[Check] the complete cost with all the add-ons and compare the final costs between a Sun Country fare or other discount airlines and a Delta fare."

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