The 5th annual Creepy Doll Contest is back at the History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, MN! This year's contest, though, has a bit of a twist that I am very excited about. And we're all invited to participate!

Creepy Doll Contest

The Creepy Doll Contest started in 2019. HCOC has about 124 dolls in storage and they decided to bring a few out and feature them around spooky season. The dolls could be seen in person at HCOC or online. Then everyone was asked to vote for the creepiest of the creepy dolls.

(Below are some of the creepy dolls from 2020.)

History Center of Olmsted County
History Center of Olmsted County

Everyone loved it and the pictures of the dolls blew up online. And so it has been a staple of fall in Olmsted County ever since.

5th Annual Creepy Doll Contest

This year's contest is a little different, though. This time there is going to be a masquerade party, and we're invited! There will be a dinner (included with the price of your ticket), a cash bar (hosted by Bleu Duck), a DJ and music, a costume contest (yes, you're encouraged to come in costume for a ball), and... a murder!

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The winner of last year's Creepy Doll Contest has been murdered at the party and one of the five remaining dolls is the killer. It's our job to figure out which doll did it, why, and with what weapon.

The party will take place at the Chateau Theater in downtown Rochester from 7 - 10 PM. Tickets are $35 per person, it's an 18+ event, and it's taking place on none other than Friday, October 13th.

However, if you aren't able to make it to the party you can still participate in the mystery-solving by visiting the dolls and clues at the History Center of Olmsted County.

Time to get sleuthing. Good luck!

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