I've heard of some crazy beers in my time going to breweries but this beer from Hormel is... something. That's right, Hormel in Austin, Minnesota has joined the beer game with the help of Modist Brewing in Minneapolis. Let's see if this is something you'd try.

Hormel has many different foods that they sell in stores, they're the parent company to many brands, and, of course, the creators of SPAM. But now they're dipping their toes in the beer scene and have come out with what they call a "rule-breaking" beer.


The beer is inspired by one of their foods. A dip, actually. Hormel now has a chili cheese beer, perfect for your big game party!


Hormel Releases Chili Cheese Beer

Chili cheese beer... thoughts? There's part of me that says no way, that can't be good. But then there's another part of me that really wants to try it. I mean, that can't be that bad, can it?

On Hormel's website, they say that it's made with dairy and I typically like beers that have dairy involved so maybe I would end up liking this.

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Where to Buy Hormel's Chili Cheese Beer

Now, if you're curious like I am and want to try this chili cheese beer for yourself, you'll have to order it online. They aren't selling these in stores, so you have to buy it online, and there's a limited quantity. They come in a 4-pack and with shipping and take it'll cost you close to $25.

I'm tempted to get them to try during the big game and force my friends to try it with me. Oh, and speaking of the big game, you know you can win free tacos from Taco Jed for your party, right? Get entered right now!

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