Everyone knows that getting a DUI can mess up your life. You might face big fines, lose your driver's license, or even end up in jail, costing you a lot of money and time dealing with the legal system. Your car insurance rates will probably skyrocket, and it can also hurt your job prospects, damage your reputation, and strain relationships with family and friends.

A DUI can cause many problems, but for one Minnesota man, it could be the best thing that ever happened to him.

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The Olmsted County Sheriff's Department recently shared this man's story. They said the defendant "took a plea deal which stayed a multi-year prison term to do work release locally, as long as he can remain law abiding and sober."

He was then allowed to address the court and shared a powerful story about how his arrest saved his life.

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According to the Olmsted County Sheriff's Department, he said: "he had several people to thank but specifically wanted to thank one of our patrol deputies, and named him in open court."

He then explained how the arrest changed his life and "as part of the change, he got medical treatment for a serious health concern he had not addressed because of his other issues. He learned the medical issue had it not been dealt with immediately could have been fatal."

The Sheriff's Department posted the story to social media and said, "We are encouraged by this individual’s change and determination to change. We are hopeful he will continue on a path to recovery, depending on the resources available to him. Congrats to him, we know it is not easy."

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