There's a wedding venue just north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota that suddenly has closed their doors. They gave the couples who had booked with them no warning, no way to communicate with them, and no refunds.

I learned about this news from a friend of mine on Facebook. Her brother and his fiance were supposed to get married at this venue this fall. Now they're out a venue and thousands of dollars.

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Circle B Wedding Venue in Isanti, MN Closes Without Warning

The venue, located in Isanti, is called Circle B. Brides are sharing their stories on social media about how they received an email from the venue that said:

"It is no longer possible to maintain the business in the current economic environment... For many of you, this will been devastating for your plans, for that we are truly sorry. Nobody is available to take calls or emails."

Esme Murphy, WCCO
Esme Murphy, WCCO
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As WCCO notes, there is no mention of refunds in the email, which is so messed up. Also, if the venue is having a tough time maintaining a business, you stop booking weddings and still host the ones you have already agreed to and who have already paid you thousands of dollars to have their big day there.

One last thing to add to my rant and then we'll talk about a bride who was supposed to get married there NEXT WEEKEND.

How tacky to say that you won't be answering calls or emails. You just made a lot of enemies by closing your business in this fashion. This is a part of 'how to be a decent person 101'. Ok, rant over!

Minnesota Bride Out a Venue 2 Weeks Before Her Wedding

One couple who was supposed to get married at Circle B on Saturday, May 4th is now suddenly out a venue for their wedding day and their 300-some guests.

The bride, Katelyn, shared her story on TikTok saying:

"I tried calling right away and it went straight to voicemail. Try looking on their website and that was gone, and try looking now on their social media and all their social media has been deleted as well."

In a story about the closure from WCCO, they mention that another bride, Paytyn, had booked the venue for October and the owners had cashed her $7,000 check just 5 days prior to announcing their sudden closure.

Thankfully, there are quite a few wedding venues that are offering to help these couples affected by the closure by either donating their space to the couples or offering super discounted rates.

One of those venues that reached out to me specifically is Pinewood Events in Cambridge. Shout out to Tony and Kate, they're offering their space to couples affected at "an extremely discounted rate".

According to WCCO, other venues that are offering to help couples affected by the closure are Stonewall Farms in Willmar who are "'willing to offer weddings with a freewill donation'". Wexford at Emerald Greens in Hastings is offering a discount of up to 75% off. And Genesis Ranch in Rosemount is offering "major discounts" to couples affected.

There are good people out there to offset these terrible people!

I hope all of the couples are able to find a new venue quickly to ease that stress and I also hope these owners come to their senses and give the couples the refunds they deserve.

Circle B Owners May be the Same Owners of Another Minnesota Venue

A quick heads up to anyone planning their wedding, it appears the same couple who owned Circle B also own another venue in Cottage Grove called Furber Farm.

Google Maps
Google Maps

WCCO reports that Paytyn, one of the brides we talked about earlier, says that the people she met when touring Circle B were Wayne and Angi Butt and they introduced themselves as the owners. Those are the same names as the owners at Furber Farm.

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